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Pressed Platform

What is Pressed?
Pressed is a white label managed WordPress hosting platform that lets you create your own brand, provide managed WordPress hosting to your clients seamlessly, and build a recurring revenue stream. We want to empower our partners to reclaim WordPress hosting as their own. Clients shouldn’t have to think about hosting, it should just work. That is our mission, and we’ve built a platform that is secure, scalable, highly redundant, and utterly dependable.
Who is Pressed?
We are a team of 14 who are passionate about providing a better web hosting experience. Between us we have over 140+ years of experience in the hosting industry. We want WordPress hosting to be utterly dependable, scalable, and something that “just works”.
Why are we building Pressed?
WordPress Hosting shouldn’t be hard, it should “just work”; leaving clients to focus on building their business and our partners to focus on building better and more creative solutions for their client’s needs. This is our mission. An easier web that doesn’t lose the power and openness that WordPress brings to the table.

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