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Managed WordPress hosting built on the industry leading,
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Fully Managed WordPress Hosting in the Cloud


The Pressed Platform

The Pressed platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure enabling it to achieve the best balance between speed, redundancy, and scalability. Each region we utilize contains at least three Availability Zones so that two zones could fail and our services would still remain online. Inside each availability zone we run multiple nodes that share the load for serving websites resources. This provides even further redundancy allowing us to achieve 99.9% uptime.

Utilizing AWS’s infrastructure along with several layers of smart caching, client websites feel fast and responsive to visitors and give clients a great user experience when managing or updating their website.

Fully Managed Hosting

What does fully managed mean at Pressed? In short, our goal is to take the worry out of hosting your client’s website. We handle all the infrastructure on the platform which means we continuously (24/7) monitor the health and speed of the network as well as individual resources. We monitor and take proactive action against any network level security threats such as DDoS attacks. We maintain and keep all server software up to date and patched. Clients also get the benefit of having WordPress core automatically updated for them. No more worrying if your client is going to be hacked because they are running an out of date WordPress version.


Build Control Panel

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Clients can login and manage their billing details for their hosting account. They can update or change their payment method from the billing section inside of their account.

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From inside the Build control panel, clients can manage DNS or any website they are hosting or any domains they have registered with your brand. If a client needs help making changes, our support team is always available to assist in making DNS changes.

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Staging allows clients to create a copy of their existing website, work on and make changes to that copy without impacting the live site and, when ready, update the production website with their staged copy.

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Pressed provides direct email support to your clients, branded as you, directly inside their Build control panel. Clients can open and respond to support requests right inside Build.

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Free Let's Encrypt SSL

Our partnership with Let’s Encrypt allows us to provide every website hosted on our platform with a free SSL certificate! The client only has to click a button that they want their website to be secure and we take care of everything else automatically.

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Daily Backups

We keep a rolling 30 days of disaster recovery backups of each website in case the absolute worst happens. In addition to the backups we keep for clients, client have access to a robust backup and restore feature inside their Build control that lets them create and restore their own backup snapshots.

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Manage Sites & Plans

Clients can manage any of the websites they’ve set up with your brand as well as add new plans and sites to their account. All websites are managed within the same interface.

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Clients can register and transfer additional domains from inside their Build control panel and manage the domains they’ve already registered. Domains are automatically renewed for clients unless they request to let them expire.

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Website Stats

Clients, at any time, can see how much disk space, bandwidth, and visits they are using. Clients can see if they are within their plan limits or should consider upgrading to a more appropriate plan.

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